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About 22 Beard Co.



My name is Eli Alonso, founder and creator of 22 Beard Co. Prior to barbering and making the best all-natural beard products on the market, I had a 17 year career in law enforcement.

 One night on the job I suffered a head injury and couldn’t go back to the career that I loved. Life took me in another direction and I found the art of Barbering. I dove headfirst into the art and found a passion for Beards! Being that I couldn’t have a beard because I spent my entire adult life in law enforcement, I had to try and grow one myself. 



I began to really to focus on beards and tried to learn everything I could about them. That’s when I got into beard products. I started my research on different brands. Some of the ingredients were so complex that I needed a chemist just to read them. I have very sensitive skin and some of the oils and balms that I bought irritated my face. I decided to experiment and study carrier oils and essential oils, learning all I could about the benefits.

I contacted my mother, who has been in the dermatology field for about 30 years. I picked her and her doctor’s brain on which oils were the best for hair and skin. With all that I  I've learn, I came up with my blend and formula. 

I personally use all my products every day and apply on all my clients. 



One last thing. The big question I get asked all the time is “why 22?” Well, it just has always been a lucky number, was my badge and unit number at my last department. I felt that it was something that represented me and just flowed nice with the name. 

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy 22 Beard Co.